A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

Auburn; henna; copper and hazel – Reddish brown colour combinations inspired by a giraffe at the Gibbs Sculpture Farm and a friend’s chestnut pony.





Colours to Brighten Your Mind

Bright subtropical plants reminiscent of the vibrant colours painted on Mexican Architect, Luis Barrigan’s building – ‘Casa Gilardi’.  Ricardo Legoretta, another inspiring Mexican Architect, also embraced these strong bright hues. Legoretta once said about his process “I don’t select colour, I feel it”.   The selection of colour is an integral part of their designs.






Thoughts of the Day

Drink good coffee made with love!  Have several favourite cafes – many if you are lucky.

Know the rules, then you can break them.     There are no rules!   Make up your own rules…. then break those.

See colour … really see colour.

Learn, learn and then learn some more.

Every day, smile…. find someone who makes you smile, find something that makes you smile

Do something that makes you smile – smile on the inside – smile at a stranger – fake it and just smile…. soon you will be smiling at yourself. (or laughing at yourself)

Go to exhibitions.  If you just don’t get it….talk to the artist…. see it through someone else’s eyes … go back on another day… you will see the art from a whole new perspective.

See life through someone else’s eyes.

Take the dog for a walk…. take someones dog for a walk.

Grumpy? – eat chocolate (dark),  savour the moment – then smile.

Remember to breathe – breathe deeply and slowly when you are sitting at the traffic lights.

Never say never.





interior wall colour


Interior wall inspired by nature’s colour schemes.

The Colour Orange

Orange – the colour between red and yellow – the transition between summer and winter –  a mellowed red.

It represents the change between seasons; the hours of day; your state of mind.

It stimulates emotions, ideas, conversation.

It spices up life. It warms the cockles of your heart.  It gives you relief when things get too serious!

Tropical with vibrant green; psychedelic with pink; fresh with white.

Orange is the colour of creativity; sensuality; vibrancy.   It symbolises hope and survival in The Life of Pi.

“Orange is red brought nearer to humanity by yellow” – Wassily Kadinksy






Those Blue-Green Colours

Those blue-green colours, and what to call them – aqua; turquoise; cyan; cerulean; teal; duck egg blue; blue-green-grey; pastel blue-green; blue-green or green-blue……  Some languages have the same word for blue and green.  I love the complexities of the colours available in paint today.  As in nature some of these paint colours appear more green than blue on some days, and on other days more blue than green.  There is combination of calm and freshness about these colours.

On this day the Rakaia River looked a serene blue green

…. which is why I chose these colours for their calming effect in the Under 2s area of The Acorn Day Care Centre


A dolphin at home in the deep blue green sea


…. perfect inspiration for this fabric from Decortex e famiglia


More green than blue… on an island in Fiji


.. as in this industrial table from The Boiler Room


even in the deep stillness of The Huka Falls before the water gushes through.


Moving into the blues with this rug at Forma, Auckland


and these chairs from Jimmy Possum in Sydney.


Great Ideas


The creative process is unique to each person.  We do not simply switch on our minds, and eureka – come up with the solution.   Some days we are bursting with ideas, other days a visit to the Art Gallery, cafe, a walk in the park, a drive out of town, will stimulate the creative juices.       Sometimes when you are thinking of something totally unrelated the idea will ‘pop’ into you head.    Yes – good things take time.   To have a foundation of ideas, experience, and motivation are the key.  Find what really inspires you.

The following article in the Idealog Magazine is worth reading about the  creative process – Dick Frizzell ‘knows where to look…’ – Pip Cheshire ‘inspired in art galleries’…. – Nicky Foreman ‘Europe; Bach; postcards…’ – Neil Roberts ‘a bottle of Bordeaux, a red pen and some paper… doodles… walk away… sleep on it…. ‘

There is no one way – there are many!   But there is always an idea/concept/colour…  that you instinctivly know is the one – you feel it on the inside.

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