Nature’s Colour Schemes
A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

Auburn; henna; copper and hazel – Reddish brown colour combinations inspired by a giraffe at the Gibbs Sculpture Farm and a friend’s chestnut pony.





Development of a New Concrete Oxide Colour Range

Click here to see the new range –  Designer colour range with Oxide

Love Your Work – This is why I enjoy what I do… Colour Development

Last year I worked with Dianne and Paul at the Oxide Distributing Company in Glenfield, Auckland to develop a usable and contemporary range of colours for their concrete oxides.

It is called the Designer Colour Range, and has 27 relevant and exciting oxides, which has already had a fantastic response from their customers since launched.   There are 9 different colour categories, each of which have 3 variations of hues and tones – Riverstone; Slate; Autumn; Desert; Clay; Sandstone; Tussock; Coastal; and Greenstone.  The range was inspired by our own natural New Zealand flora, rocks and soils.


The Colour Palette Specialist


Colours to Brighten Your Mind

Bright subtropical plants reminiscent of the vibrant colours painted on Mexican Architect, Luis Barrigan’s building – ‘Casa Gilardi’.  Ricardo Legoretta, another inspiring Mexican Architect, also embraced these strong bright hues. Legoretta once said about his process “I don’t select colour, I feel it”.   The selection of colour is an integral part of their designs.










interior wall colour


Interior wall inspired by nature’s colour schemes.

Flowers With Attitude



The majestic Hippeastrum – otherwise known as Amaryllis.  Bring them inside while they flower for a stunning display of attitude.  I used these to dress an interior recently, they really do make a beautiful statement.





Spring Colours





The wisteria in my garden is in full bloom, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the wind has stopped… for a moment

Colours Around Us


 Take time to look, and really see, it is amazing what is there, and we pass every day. I took this photo right outside my gate.  These bright golden yellow fungi were growing on this blackened log amongst the leaves.