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Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned Paintings

A commissioned painting is ideal when the space suits a specific size, and colours.  The theme also reflects the nautical location, and it gives the entrance a welcoming lift.

‘Harbour Crossing’ 1500×1500 in situ.


New Paintings For Sale

New Paintings For Sale

Revisiting an earlier style of painting, but incorporating every tasty, relevant knowledge I have learnt since.

It is a looser style, which I am enjoying.  Always conscious of sound preparation of the surface and background, so it is always ready for whatever the next layer reveals.  Loving this process. The art often lies in knowing when to stop. 

‘Within‘ 1200×1200 on ply box boardClose up

‘Leo’s Dance of the Mind’. 1200×1200 on ply box board

Close up


“A picture lives on many different levels at once. It is an interpenetration of planes of reality. It cannot be analysed or anatomised into single levels, because one level can only be understood in the light of others. The reality or interior life of the picture can only be realised as a total experience”

– Cecil Collins

More Stunning Art

11933 Blackmore J, 'Tenacity' .jpg

Jane Blackmore  – ‘Tenacity’

11935 Blackmore, J 'Fantails Dance'.jpg

Jane Blackmore –  ‘Fantails’

11966 - Stewart Nicki - Rondel .jpg

Nicki Stewart – ‘Rondel’

These paintings are 3 of my favourites, available from Art Bureau. For more paintings click on the Art Bureau link on the right side of the screen.

If you are looking for paintings or sculptures for your home or workspace, I can source the perfect artwork for your space.

I do take Art Tours around Auckland (4 people) maximum. We visit a selection of Art Galleries, and Artist’s Studios, and the compulsory cafe of course!  Get a group of friends together for a fun and informative 4 hours. Call me for more details.  – Fiona