Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

Some days it is a treat to discover new pieces – some of them mixed with more established favourites, and some holding their own because they are just so darn sexy.  Imagine sinking into one of these Timothy Oulton sofas from Dawson & Co, under the rock crystal Elysium Ball Pendant.

Interior Designer, Fiona Small from Sienna Design




Lights for Latest Project

The perfect pair



Original Retro Lights For Sale

Just a taste of some fabulous lights for sale.  All originals, please call, and I will forward your details to the seller.

Orange Mini bunker pendants.jpg

Orange Mini Bunker Pendants

Louis Poulsen PH4-3 white pendant light.JPG

Louis Poulsen PH4-3 White Pendant Light

Hans Agne Jakobsson pendant light - aluminium.jpg

Hans Agne Jakobsson Pendant Light

The Illusion of Natural Light

It is amazing the effect light has on us.  Personally I love natural light, it is an essential part of my daily existence. 

This article in Dezeen caught my eye…..  The illusion of natural light falling onto this wall, still conjures the feeling and even essence that natural light gives.   This effect was created by Norwegian designer Daniel Rybakken, with LED panels.

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Bird by Zhili Lia

For more photos of these beautiful lights, have a look at  the Design Folio Website