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Lazy Cats; Jungle Fish; Quince and Kim Soo

Lazy Cats; Jungle Fish; Quince and Kim Soo

From the industrial bohemian cafe called Lazy Cats in Ubud, to the delicious ceramics and great coffee/food at Quince in Canggu, the eclectic and stylish resort of Jungle Fish overlooking Osh River Valley, and the ambient homewares shop called Kim Soo Home.  I couldn’t resist sharing inspiration from some of the clever designers in Bali.

Credit to Lazy Cats Cafe – designed by Architect Alexis Dornier.  Jungle Fish Resort – designed by Furniture Designer/Owner, Niki Nasr, and Architect Rob Sample.  Quince – Owners/Creatives: Michele and Armen.  Kim Soo – Kim and Giorgia.

Love your work.


A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

A Giraffe and a Pony Inspires Auburn Colour Scheme!

Auburn; henna; copper and hazel – Reddish brown colour combinations inspired by a giraffe at the Gibbs Sculpture Farm and a friend’s chestnut pony.





Colour Inspiration with Dulux Colours

Colour Inspiration with Dulux Colours

Try a combination of Dulux’s Cumberland St and Te Puke with the rich dark chocolate of Khandallah.

Colour Inspiration


Thanks to Adam Gatley for the birds photo.




Colours to Brighten Your Mind

Bright subtropical plants reminiscent of the vibrant colours painted on Mexican Architect, Luis Barrigan’s building – ‘Casa Gilardi’.  Ricardo Legoretta, another inspiring Mexican Architect, also embraced these strong bright hues. Legoretta once said about his process “I don’t select colour, I feel it”.   The selection of colour is an integral part of their designs.






Colours Around Us


 Take time to look, and really see, it is amazing what is there, and we pass every day. I took this photo right outside my gate.  These bright golden yellow fungi were growing on this blackened log amongst the leaves.

It’s Autumn Again

And the colours are just as beautiful. I shot these images at the Hamilton Gardens.