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The creative process is unique to each person.  We do not simply switch on our minds, and eureka – come up with the solution.   Some days we are bursting with ideas, other days a visit to the Art Gallery, cafe, a walk in the park, a drive out of town, will stimulate the creative juices.       Sometimes when you are thinking of something totally unrelated the idea will ‘pop’ into you head.    Yes – good things take time.   To have a foundation of ideas, experience, and motivation are the key.  Find what really inspires you.

The following article in the Idealog Magazine is worth reading about the  creative process – Dick Frizzell ‘knows where to look…’ – Pip Cheshire ‘inspired in art galleries’…. – Nicky Foreman ‘Europe; Bach; postcards…’ – Neil Roberts ‘a bottle of Bordeaux, a red pen and some paper… doodles… walk away… sleep on it…. ‘

There is no one way – there are many!   But there is always an idea/concept/colour…  that you instinctivly know is the one – you feel it on the inside.

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