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Thoughts of the Day

Drink good coffee made with love!  Have several favourite cafes – many if you are lucky.

Know the rules, then you can break them.     There are no rules!   Make up your own rules…. then break those.

See colour … really see colour.

Learn, learn and then learn some more.

Every day, smile…. find someone who makes you smile, find something that makes you smile

Do something that makes you smile – smile on the inside – smile at a stranger – fake it and just smile…. soon you will be smiling at yourself. (or laughing at yourself)

Go to exhibitions.  If you just don’t get it….talk to the artist…. see it through someone else’s eyes … go back on another day… you will see the art from a whole new perspective.

See life through someone else’s eyes.

Take the dog for a walk…. take someones dog for a walk.

Grumpy? – eat chocolate (dark),  savour the moment – then smile.

Remember to breathe – breathe deeply and slowly when you are sitting at the traffic lights.

Never say never.